Why I call myself a coach 

 A coach is a multi-faceted professional who can communicate, uplift and inspire with a true desire to help you achieve greatness.



Remember when you started a job or even as far back as school, you were taught to do things correctly so that you learned how to progressively get better. Like Mathematics or even how to drive. 

When you were joining sports teams or even sports days. To an extent you were taught how to play, run, jump, stop, change direction. In team sports you learn resiliency and loss, victory and sportsmanship from your coaches.
This same principle applies when you walk into a gym or set a personal sporting or fitness goal. Your aim is to improve. Having the experience of a coach or mentor by your side increases your chances of success 10 fold. That's my job - to make your goals and aspirations come true. So that you can get there without injury and be absolutely ready for any challenge. Your coach is  there for the good days and the not so good days. My job, as your coach is to show you the potential you have within yourself.


I am constantly a student to the developing world of health and fitness, which has given my clients and athletes the edge on and off the competitive arena. This is what you get when choosing MG Performance, a coach that always has your best interests and development in mind. I will make sure you are accountable too! I put my heart and soul into everything I do, which means countless hours of work in the background 

😁🤙 Coach Mick




  • Bachelor Sports & Exercise Science (Minor in Nutrition)

  • Cert III & IV in Fitness

  • ASCA lvl 1 in Strength & Conditioning

  •  Affiliate Coach for Spartan Australia

  • Powerlifting Coach for PA Competitions